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Run a pub or bar? Do you make the most of your outside, even when the sun disappears?

Picture this glorious scene…

You’ve got an amazing space. Everyone enjoys your beer garden in the summer. It’s packed out there. In fact, you once thought to yourself it looked like a mini festival on that July afternoon, when the temperatures soared in to the mid-thirties. The drinks were flowing, smiles were plentiful, and your cash register worked almost as hard as your bar staff!

Then this happens…

So why then, outside of the summer months, is it so barren? Everyone’s crammed inside and nobody, apart from the occasional smoker, wants to set foot in your post-apocalyptic beer garden. How many people decide not to come in to your bar in the colder months because it’s just too cramped and busy inside, with no free seats? Whether you’re freehold or leasehold, you’ve either paid or are paying for that outdoor space! How come you’re only using it for a few months of the year?





Alright then, what do you suggest we do about it?

Aspiration Blinds are very proud to have delivered solutions to several pub and bar owners, just like you, to help give that space a year-round use.

With our awnings, retractable canopies, louvered verandas, external screens and glass systems, we can help you make the most of your entire venue by giving you the opportunity to fully utilise your outdoor seating throughout the year.






Ah, but what about the weather?

With the British weather being particularly diverse, you’ll be pleased to know that our retractable canopies can withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 10 (63mph). Depending on which system you choose, rainwater can be guided down the sides, or diverted through concealed guttering within the structure as well. This further enhances your ability to use your outdoor area for as much of the year as possible. In fact, with your outdoor installation handled by Aspiration Blinds, your customers will be able to enjoy your beer garden in all but the very worst of conditions.





If this sounds good and you’d like to hear more about how you can make the most of your outdoor space, all year round, get in touch with us today for an exploratory conversation.




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