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Buying New Windows Or Doors? This One’s For You!

Firstly, What Do You Need To Think About?

Buying new windows and doors is a big purchase. The prices can be pretty eye-watering and with key considerations such as aesthetics, security and insultation to take into account, the last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on the wrong upgrade.

Let’s Get Your Window And Door Dressings Right!

How you intend to dress your new windows and doors will have a significant impact on the overall look of your home. The type and style of window or door will alter the best practises for getting your dressing just right. We thought it would be useful to share some helpful tips on how to get the most out of the look of your new windows and doors.

1. Consider The Type Of Window Or Door…

It’s really important to factor in the type of window or door you’re planning to buy. It may sound obvious, but sometimes people overlook the importance of this. Some of the fundamentals to think about include:

– Will they open inwards or outwards? This will have an impact as to whether your dressing will be indoor or outdoor which, in turn, can affect your material choice, design and practicality.

– Are they going to be made up of multiple sections, like a bay window or a bi-folding door for example?

-Window shape is also critical, and while modern triangle shaped windows look fantastic they are notoriously difficult to dress, especially in bedrooms were blackout blind are generally the preferred option.

– What are they going to be made of and how will they be styled? Wood, Metal, UPVC? Are the frames going to be brown, white, grey, black or perhaps something more vibrant? Let’s not even get started about how different shades of each colour, in each different material, can affect how you dress your windows and doors!

2. Which Rooms Are You Updating?

Again, something that will affect your decision-making process is where the windows and doors are going to be situated. With each room used for different activities and, most importantly, having a distinctive order of priorities for style and function, these are some of the things to think about:

Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen. Often windows and their dressings in these rooms will be statement pieces. You may even have things such as French doors leading between these rooms. Being able to easily dress them appropriately, whilst still having high levels of privacy and practicality, are highly important considerations.

– Hallway and Landing. The way sun, light and heat is controlled around these areas, and indeed the rest of the house, is of utmost importance. You have to make sure moving around the house doesn’t become a disjointed experience.

Bedroom and Bathroom. A strong mix of style, privacy and practicality need to be thought about for these rooms. For the bedroom, consider thick and luxurious blackout blinds. For the bathroom, perhaps waterproof or wipe-clean shutters would be a good solution.

3. How Will Style, Privacy And Functionality Work Together?

On the continent, people tend to deal with shading and privacy on the outside of a window or door in a very practical and functional way. Here in the UK we tend to be a little more style and design led in terms of how we deal with these subjects; more often than not going for internal solutions.

We’ve only just scratched the surface here, but as you can see there’s a lot to think about. Consider the overall look you want to achieve and balance this off against practicality and function.

If you’re struggling for inspiration or need advice and guidance on how to get the most from your new windows and doors, you can contact a member of our team who’ll be happy to help.

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