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Glass Verandas To Transform Your Home


Adding a glass veranda to your patio can have a hugely positive impact on how you can use your outdoor space. Helping to effortlessly connect your house and garden, a glass veranda by Aspiration Blinds can provide you and your guests with a relaxing, alfresco, living experience.

We’ll design and install a glass veranda that will make the most of your outside, whilst also integrating seamlessly with the rest of the house. Stylish and contemporary glass verandas are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why:



A Glass Roof Can Add Extra Space


Wouldn’t it be great if you could add extra square footage to your house, as and when you need? Well, by adding a glass veranda above your patio or terrace, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Adding a beautiful roof will create an open area that delivers the perfect middle ground between being fully inside or out.

With the benefits of indoors and outdoors on offer, a traditional patioed area would normally be an under-used space for much of the year. Adding a glass veranda roofing system will lift your patio or terrace to a whole new level. This ‘in-between’ area can be transformed from a functional no-mans-land into a desirable sanctuary, allowing more enjoyment of your house and your garden.


Glass Verandas Let You Enjoy The Outside More Often


Installing a well-designed patio roof canopy, or a glass veranda over your terrace area, doesn’t just provide extra space when the Great British weather allows. With versatile extras available, including sliding glass balustrades and wind-breakers, glass canopies and verandas can also be used in more changeable conditions too.

With a glass veranda by Aspiration Blinds, those of you who love entertaining won’t have to limit the number of invitations, just in case everyone has to head back inside, because of a downturn in the weather. A glass veranda will offer great protection against the elements meaning you can continue your parties, barbeques and general outdoor enjoyment whenever you want.


Bespoke Designs Will Enhance The Look Of Your Property


Here at Aspiration Blinds we have a great history of delivering contemporary and stylish additions to a variety of different properties. In addition to our blinds, shutters and awnings, we have a growing selection of louvred roofs, canopies, terrace covers and glass verandas.

Our experienced team of designers can help you choose the best solution to maximise your outdoor space. One of our experts can come and deliver a free design consultation at a time to suit you. The whole product range is designed and finished to the highest standards and our team can advise on all aspects of the installation including aluminium frames, glass roofs, lighting and many other considerations.

They will talk you through the available options and craft a tailored plan that works for your home. This will include things like which colours and materials will work best with your building, for example. Aspiration Blinds are committed to making sure you get the perfect installation to provide a beautiful and usable new glass veranda.


Aspiration Blinds have a full range of high quality products. Request your FREE appointment to discuss adding a glass veranda to your home today. Call us on 01204 875 895 or email our friendly customer service team on for more details.


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