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We all want to save energy to reduce our bills, but did you know a low cost window blind has proven benefits in retaining the warmth in the winter as well as rejecting unwanted heat during the summer.
Our energy efficient blinds have be proven to reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 51%, and up to 58% with an internal shutter, even a simple roller blind can save up to 40% heat loss.
Its not only the money saving aspect, approximately 27% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions come from domestic buildings, so improving the energy efficiency of our homes could significantly reduce the nations harmful CO2 emissions.
The saving is not just restricted to the home owner; all the above savings are equally relevant for the business place. In the summer months, your air conditioning can be even more energy consuming than heating in winter, try to cool a building that does not have blinds really is an uphill struggle. The implementation of relatively low cost blinds will help your energy bills come tumbling down
Saving money has never looked so good.

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