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At Aspiration Blinds, we recognise that child safety is an important issue for anyone who is furnishing their home.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in recent years there have been a number of accidents and even fatalities involving young children and babies involving window blind cords.
We all want to know our children are safe, whether they are playing in their own bedroom at home, or at a friend’s house, or anywhere else there could be free hanging window blind cords that could present a danger to young children and toddlers.
Aspiration Blinds of Bolton is committed to raising awareness of this issue and is offering, for a little extra money child safe version of there blinds, or completely free of charge installing child safety devices which help minimise the potential risk.
Other precautions to take yourselves,

  • Position furniture a safe distance away from blinds and windows to prevent children from being able to reach them
  • Do not allow control cords or chains to hang close to cots or beds, or to gather on the floor
  • Do not allow control cords or chains to hang free. They should always be secured out of reach, or a cordless control should be used

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