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The Growth Of Electrically Operated Blinds

Motorised blinds have, for a long time, been the most luxurious and state of the art way to finish a window. With technology costs coming down though and systems becoming cleverer and more user friendly than ever, more and more households are reaping the benefits of these premium products. Aspirations Blinds supply a variety of electrically operated blinds and have found customers choosing them for a multitude of reasons recently.


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Smart technologies

With specialist firms creating new technologies and interfaces, almost everything in the home can now be controlled via your computer, tablet or smart phone, including your motorised blinds. Via wireless controls, you can use these technologies to control your motorised blinds without even moving. You can also set timers to ensure that they operate as you wish, whilst you’re out and about.


Excellent choice

Almost all varieties of blinds, for all types and sizes of windows, can be motorised. You don’t need to sacrifice style for convenience. Whether you choose to have Roman, Venetian, vertical, roller or shutters, they’ll be made-to-measure, and you’ll be able to have practical, motorised, solutions that will look great in your home.

Safe and easy to use

The motorised blinds we install are child friendly, with no more need for hazards such as operating cords and chains. Most are battery operated too, removing the requirement for mains wiring and further enhancing safety in the process.

Growing affordability

Once the preserve of only the most expensive and luxurious homes, prices of this technology are coming down, meaning motorised blinds are now being adopted by a much larger audience. This new-found affordability, coupled with their convenience and practicality, makes the idea of having motorised blinds in your house, a compelling one.

If you’re in the market for some new blinds at the moment and are thinking about the prospect of having them motorised, as you can see there are clearly some great reasons to do so.

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