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Domestic Farm House Project In Tottington

Here at our budget blinds company in Bolton. One of the toughest things to design a solution for is when traditional and modern styles need to be combined. When a domestic farm house owner got in touch to see how we could help them make use of their outdoor space all year round, we knew this would be just one of the design challenges our team would face.

What Was The Brief?

The farm house itself is an elegant building with a strong heritage look. The property has a wonderful outdoor area and our customer wanted to have the ability to use it come rain or shine. The owner needed the space to have a ‘wow’ factor, whilst also being practical for both day-to-day family use and entertaining purposes.

Which Ideas Didn’t Make The Grade?

There were plenty of ideas, however it was crucial to this project that we design and implement the perfect solution. Being able to use the space in all conditions, whilst also being aesthetically correct for the building, would be key.

For example, adding a conservatory could have been an option. A big concern was extremes in temperature though. It would become too hot in the summer and too cold throughout the winter months. Also, it wouldn’t have allowed for the full outdoor experience our client wanted during times of good weather. Adding a conservatory was therefore deemed a none-starter.

Another suggestion was to have a canopy installed. This would have worked well when conditions were ideal, however it wouldn’t have prevented against the elements if our temperamental British weather took a turn for the worse. Even on the most beautiful of days, we have to factor in that distinct possibility!

This Is The Solution We Came Up With…

It was key that we combined the plus points of a conservatory and a canopy roof, whilst also removing the negatives. We designed a bespoke louvered roof with sliding glass doors all around. This was the best way to achieve the brief of ‘all year round’ usability.

When the weather is good the space can be fully opened. This allows airy ventilation and complete enjoyment of the outdoors. If the weather takes a bad turn everything can be closed up. This ensures the space becomes water proof and wind resistant; full protection for the residents and their guests.

By using understated colours and large glass panels we were able to deliver a sleek, modern look. This further enhances the beauty of the stone farm house. With a perfect blend of style and practicality our customer will be able to enjoy their outdoor space in all conditions, for many years to come.

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