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Colour Combinations for Paint & Blinds

Colour is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Whether you’re looking to create a bright and airy looking space, or a warm and cosy one, choosing the right colour combinations is crucial to adding a splash of personality.

In this guide, we’re going to be explaining how you can achieve the perfect colour combos for your wall paint and blinds.

Living Room Paint and Blind Colour Schemes

Calming Neutrals

Colours don’t have to be bold in order to be beautiful. If you’re after a minimalist Scandinavian or rustic style, paint and blind colours should be light and neutral. For example, you could pair white walls with oat coloured roller blinds to create a clean simplistic look, or flip it around and pair beige painted walls with white blinds.

These colours go brilliant with light coloured, repurposed, unpainted wood, creating a light and airy feel to your room.

Big and Bold

If simplicity isn’t for you, bold, brightly coloured combinations may be a better choice for your walls and blinds. 

Some fantastic vibrant colour combinations include:

  • White, coral, yellow and green.
  • Cobalt blue and white
  • Emerald green, navy blue and gold

For a more luxurious look, Roman blinds are a great choice of style for your home and come in a wide range of colours and patterns.

If you are incorporating patterns into the room, it is generally best to go for a patterned wall and solid blind colour or solid coloured blind and patterned wallpaper. 

An exception for this rule is if you are doing a half and half style for your walls, in which case you should paint the window wall a solid colour and match the blinds to the patterned walls and other accessories in the room.

Bring Nature Inside

Rich colours and patterns are becoming more and more popular as people want to start introducing nature inside their homes.

Soft tropics in bold green shades are becoming increasingly sought after, with homeowners opting for tropical leaf prints for their wallpaper, blinds, bedding and accessories. 

Additionally, using real plants as decorations offer a natural beauty whilst also providing oxygen and filtering out harmful chemicals in the air from your home.

Large pot plants can be a fantastic statement piece in your home or English Ivy that cascades down a shelf or hanging basket can soften the room and requires very little maintenance.

If you prefer life under the sea, you can create an underwater feel by sticking to shades of blue and aqua for your walls and blinds and work in an accessory colour such as coral in your decor such as your cushions and ornaments.

Bespoke Blinds in Bolton

At Aspiration Blinds in Bolton, we have a number of bespoke window styling options to suit your home and budget and can offer a free styling consultation to help you find the perfect solution.

For more great home styling tips and advice, why not take a look at our other handy guides

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