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How to Achieve a Rustic Look in the Home

Home styles and themes frequently come in and out of fashion, however, one popular style that always remains on trend is rustic interior design. Find out how you can achieve a rustic style in your home in this handy guide. 

What is Rustic Decor?

Rustic decor uses natural, or natural looking, materials and products such as wood, stone, metals and non-synthetic fabrics and neutral colours that can be found in nature such as brown, grey, white, green and blue. The main focus of rustic decor is cosy and comfortable living, often centred around farmhouses and winter cabins.

Cosy Furniture

When selecting furniture to suit your rustic interior design, you should be looking for large and comfy looking items made from natural, or natural looking materials such as wood, leather, wool and stone. Rustic homes are supposed to look ‘lived in’ and vintage and repurposed items can really give your home that authentic rustic feel whilst adding personality to each room.

The key theme here is relaxation, so adding braided rag rugs to hard wooden floors and some heavy throws and large cushions to your sofa and chairs can add to that cosy feel whilst bringing the room together.

Ambient Lighting

Soft and natural lighting is a crucial element in achieving that rustic style. Small shabby chic style lamps work great when dotted around the room on side tables to create a soft, warm glow in the evenings. Wooden and wrought iron chandelier lights in the centre of a large living room with high ceilings look fantastic too. Fireplaces can also help to deliver a cosy ambience with a warm flicker and relaxing crackling noises.

During the daytime, large windows can help to provide lots of natural light in your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving on energy costs. It’s also important to consider your window dressings and how they impact your light control. 

Shutters and blinds work really well in rustic themed homes, especially when made from natural materials such as wood and metal. Blinds and shutters offer a full array of benefits including:

Absolute Light Control

Blinds give you a great amount of control over the lighting levels in your home. Styles such as vertical blinds allow you to fully close or open them as well as tilted angles to partially allow light in. Blackout blinds go the extra mile, allowing you to achieve complete darkness in your rooms.

Shutters also offer great light control. Through the use of a tilt rod, shutter louvre or remote control, you can control the dynamics of each shutter panel to suit the light conditions outside and your preferred amount of lighting.

Ultimate Privacy

We all are entitled to our own privacy, especially in our own home. The beauty of blinds and shutters is their ability to provide total or partial privacy. It’s up to you.

Blinds allow you to tilt them slightly to obscure the view or shut them completely for full privacy. Eye-level shutter panel louvres can be closed to prevent nosey neighbours whilst the upper shutter panel louvres can be left open to maximise the natural light levels into your room.

Low Maintenance 

Blinds and shutters are great options for those who are looking for something that requires very little maintenance. Shutters and blinds are incredibly easy to clean and maintain and, unlike curtains, they do not need to be machine washed. Their high quality finish and durable louvres and slats are easy to clean and dust, simply follow our simple maintenance instructions to ensure your blinds and shutters are always looking fantastic.

Fantastic Insulation

Insulating and thermally dynamic timber shutters are the most effective option of the entire traditional window furnishing solutions, reducing heat loss by 51%. This is an astonishing figure and indicates why in times when efficiency is the future, many households are now choosing shutters instead of curtains.

Book a consultation to see how shutters of blinds can help you to achieve a rustic look whilst providing you with great amounts of control over lighting, privacy and temperature.

Adding Those Finishing Touches

It’s the little things that really help bring a home together and by adding some small decorative pieces around the room, you can give it that finishing touch. 

Glass Jars

Glass jars look particularly rustic and look great when placed around the home as tealight holders or flower vases. You can upcycle your own glass jam jars or buy some cheap ones online.

Nature Themed Lamps

These nature themed lampshades and lampstands make great statement pieces around the home and help to deliver the soft, warm lighting for a cosy feel.
Take a look at this staghead lampstand.
Check out these handmade nature themed shades.
This country coaster set will look great in any rustic themed home.

For more home tips and inspiration, take a look at our other handy home guides.

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