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Making Your Home Feel Cosy This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means cold weather and shorter days will soon be here. No one likes feeling cold in their own home, which is why a revamp could be just what your home needs to be cosy and ready for the winter months ahead. 

But don’t worry, there’s no need to invest in a major renovation project. By just making a few changes and additions to your home, you could transform your living space. Here are 5 interior design tips to get you ready for winter.


Whilst the weather outside is frightful, let your living room be lightful. Soft diffused light works best to create a cosy ambience. This can be created by small table lamps, a light dimmer and paper or linen lamp shades.

Candles are also a fantastic way to bring soft light into your home. If you’re worried about candles posing a fire hazard, you can buy battery operated candles that use light instead of a flame. These are great if you have small children who like to touch everything they see.


Making your home visually appealing isn’t the only way to make it feel cosy. According to Fifthsense, smell is the most sensitive sense and most linked to our feelings. 

Scents such as vanilla, lavender and jasmine are likely to improve someone’s mood, whereas the smell of last night’s dirty dishes will do quite the opposite. 

In order to improve the scent of your home, try lighting candles, reed diffusers or electric humidifier diffusers with cosy scents such as vanilla, cinnamon and Christmas spices. 

Alternatively, you could fill your home with smells of tasty treats by baking gingerbread, cakes and cookies. Making your own mulled wine will also make your home smell very festive.


Over Summer, fireplaces are used much less and some people may even forget it is there. Lit fireplaces make rooms look and feel warmer by emitting heat and a soft glow.

If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, you could purchase a portable one. We’d recommend opting for a ventless clean-burning one that uses ethanol so there are no dangerous fumes.


With temperatures dropping, you’ll want as much help as you can get to protect your homes from cold draughts and heat escaping through the windows. A great solution is to install well fitted blinds or shutters.

By doing so, you could save up to 25% on your energy bills whilst also reducing noise from outside. Not to mention, they also act as a stylish feature to complete the look and feel of your property.

We offer a wide range of blinds and shutters in a variety of colours, designs and sizes for any home. Browse the range or request a free appointment online today.


Switching up your decor can completely change the way your home looks without much change at all. 

Search ‘cosy room’ on Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of rooms with fluffy rugs, soft throws and cushions. This is because these softer touches add warmth to your home whilst also looking cosy and inviting. 

A faux fur rug can make cold hard floors in the morning a thing of the past, and colour coordinated throws and cushions can change the colour scheme of the room.

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