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How to Add Personality to Your New Home

One of the best things about becoming a homeowner is the opportunity to really add your own touch to a place. However, sometimes it can seem difficult to make your home feel unique when it was designed and built in the same way as every other house on your estate. 

If your new build is lacking some personality, take a look at our top tips on how to add character to your home.

Change the Walls

You’re likely familiar with the common magnolia walls that scream ‘new home!’, which is why one of the biggest changes starts with the walls. Why not introduce bold colours, textures or prints into your home through a lick of new paint or wallpaper. You can find unique wallpapers on sites such as, or even in small boutiques.

Find Tropical Botanical Print Wallpaper here

Find Black and White Self Adhesive Wallpaper here

Select Unique Furniture

By selecting the right furniture, you can make your home much more distinguishable from those that are kitted out with the generic white IKEA furnishings. Finding unique pieces in small boutiques or upcycling old furniture will help to make your home feel more like your own. 

Take a look at a quirky river table here

Find this rattan woven chair here

Consider Yourself Part of the Furniture

There is no better way to add your personality to the home than adding, well, you. Photographs of yourself and the family makes a house feel less like a showroom and more like a home.

Thick, black picture frames can look striking against a white wall and wooden frames can add a more neutral look.

Find these vintage distressed effect photo frames here

Express Yourself

If photos aren’t really your thing, you can still express yourself through other things such as artwork or ornaments. If you’re more into artwork, why not feature some of your favourite artists’ pieces around your home or better yet, if you’re an artist yourself why not include some of your own work here and there to add a splash of personality.

Prints, tapestries and wall hangings can also be very effective in a home, adding more patterns and texture to rooms whilst filling up those spaces on blank walls.

Find this quilted wall hanging here

Find this personalised song soundwave print here 

Bring the Outside In

You can bring nature into your home in many different ways. Perhaps the most obvious one is by using plants, offering a natural beauty whilst also providing oxygen and filtering out harmful chemicals in the air from your home.

Large pot plants can be a fantastic statement piece in your home or alternatively, English Ivy that cascades down a shelf or hanging basket can make a room softer and requires very little maintenance.

Other ways to bring the outside in is by installing outdoor rooms. Outdoor rooms are stunning and effective ways to open up your home using bespoke external glass systems in combination with verandas or awnings. [LINK TO OUTDOOR ROOMS BLOG WHEN LIVE]

They’re far more affordable and versatile than conservatories as they don’t require planning permission.

At Aspiration Blinds, we offer a free no obligation design consultation to explain what is possible for outdoor room design.

Let There Be Light

Most new homes feature a basic single ceiling light or spotlights which can either be too bright or cast harsh shadows in the room. Adding your own lamps and light shades can soften the light and make your home feel much more cosier. You can also find bold shaped lamp stands and patterned shades to match the theme you’re going for.

Check out this plush velvet lampshade with tropical animals here

Check out this industrial style floor lamp here

Another way to manage the amount of light in your home is through the use of blinds and shutters. At Aspiration BLinds, we offer a range of blinds and shutters that allow you to control the levels of light and privacy in your home whilst still looking incredibly stylish and matching the theme of your home through different materials, textures, colours and patterns.

Check out these examples below or take a look at our full range of blinds and shutters.

Don’t Forget the Small Things

The small things can play a huge part in finishing the home. Magazines spread across the table, candles on top of the fireplace and ornaments on the dresser bring the room together and help it feel more ‘lived in’. 

If you’re aiming for a more chic style, why not take a look at these designer books that look fantastic stacked on a glass coffee table.

If your style is more bold and quirky, these candle holders would make great statement pieces on a shelf or fireplace

If you prefer a more rustic style, why not check out these stag coasters

If you’re interested in shutters, blinds or outdoor rooms for your new home, get in touch for guidance on our systems and designs at Aspiration Binds or to arrange a free no obligation design consultation at your home or place of work with a member of our expert design team.

For more tips and tricks on ways to improve your home, why not check out our other helpful guides?

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