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Transform Your Kitchen With New Blinds

When looking for ways to transform your kitchen, there’s more to think about than just changing your cupboards, walls and worktops. Your kitchen windows are probably one of the most important features as they can provide high levels of natural light to illuminate the room whilst allowing you to watch the world go by as you wash up. They also offer a great opportunity to dress the room in a stylish yet practical way.

However, many people are reluctant to dress their kitchen windows due to the high levels of humidity, splashes and grease which can cause them to become stained and mouldy. Fortunately, Aspiration Blinds has the solution with waterproof blinds.

Waterproof blinds are made from water-resistant material and come in a variety of different styles, colours and textures. Thanks to their special design, they won’t warp or fade over time, despite coming into frequent contact with water and humidity. 

Advantages of Waterproof Kitchen Blinds

Easy to Clean

Nobody wants dirty blinds stained with last week’s dinner splash marks hanging in their kitchen, however, regular blinds can be difficult to clean. Thankfully, waterproof blinds are incredibly easy to clean as they can be wiped quickly and don’t absorb liquids and oils like regular blinds do. This is thanks to their impermeable materials which prevent liquids from penetrating and causing discolouration.

Mould Resistance

Probably the best feature of waterproof blinds is their resistance to mould as this means they can be fitted in rooms where there is frequent water use and steam without posing the worry of mould growing. This also extends the lifespan of your blinds as they remain attractive and mould free for much longer.

Colour Maintenance

As a result of using more hardwearing materials for waterproof blinds, they are able to withstand direct sunlight far better than regular blinds, meaning they can maintain their colour for much longer and aren’t as likely to fade or discolour over time. This keeps your blinds looking as good as new and works as a perfect solution for those who like brightly colour blinds and bold prints.


Unlike regular blinds, waterproof blinds are significantly more hardwearing, which means they last a lot longer, particularly in rooms with lots of water and steam, such as the kitchen. 

Better Value for Money

By being much longer lasting and more durable, you won’t need to worry about replacing your kitchen blinds as often, helping you to save lots of money. 

Why Should I Use Blinds in the Kitchen?

Having blinds in your kitchen gives you the opportunity to have much greater control over your lighting and privacy levels. For example, venetian blinds allow you to have complete darkness and privacy, full brightness and an open view out of the window or a combination by adjusting the angles of the slats.

You can also use blinds to help control the temperature in your kitchen. Did you know that around 18% of the total heat within a house is lost through the windows? By installing blinds, you can trap the warmth- or cool- in your kitchen to maintain the temperature better and lower your heating bills. A win-win.

Kitchen Blinds in Bolton

At Aspiration Blinds, we understand the importance of having blinds in your kitchen, providing you with high levels of control over light, temperature and privacy. This is why we have a wide range of waterproof blinds available in different styles, colours and materials to suit every room in your home, including those which are susceptible to high levels of moisture.

Having made-to-measure waterproof blinds will give your kitchen a bespoke look, providing great functionality and ensuring your blinds look incredible, no matter how changeable the temperature and humidity is. 

Let Aspiration Blinds in Bolton take care of the measure and installation to ensure the perfect finish. Book a consultation now or get in touch to discuss our services further.

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