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Using Blinds to Keep Heat In & Out of Homes

Knowing how to effectively manage the temperature of your home is crucial for staying comfortable all year round, however, maintaining a cool temperature in summer and a warm one in winter can be harder than it seems, especially if your home has lots of windows which lose and gain lots of heat.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at how blinds can help you to give you greater control over your home temperature and keep energy costs down.

Staying Cool in Summer with Blinds

During the warm summer months, your home can become hot and stuffy, especially in the evenings after the sun’s rays have been beating down on your home and through your windows all day. This can become incredibly uncomfortable, particularly when you’re trying to sleep and just can’t get comfortable.

People typically try to solve this issue using one of three methods below:

  • Opening the windows
  • Leaving a fan on all night
  • Air conditioning

Opening the windows can only help so much as the air outside still tends to remain stuffy very late on and without any wind outside, you’re unlikely to feel any breeze coming through. 

Similarly, fans only offer some relief from the heat as they move the air around and make it easier for sweat to evaporate from your skin, however, all of the electricity being used to power the fan actually generates heat, making the room warmer.

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in your home, you’ll certainly feel the benefit when it’s on, however, this can be incredibly expensive to run, especially if you have it on all day and night.

So how can you keep your home cool without spending a fortune on air conditioning? The answer is simple: blinds.

How Can Blinds Help Keep Rooms Cool?

Did you know that in times of extreme warmth, you can reduce heat up to 46% by introducing a blind to your window? During the summer, a lot of heat enters your home through the windows, so whilst it might appear unintuitive to keep your blinds closed in warm weather, by blocking out the direct sunlight, you can keep your rooms from heating up too much throughout the day so it stays cool in the evening too.

You can also use blinds to control the light coming into a room, adjusting them to make the room as bright or as dark as you want which can be particularly useful in the bedroom as the summer sun continues to shine well into the evening. Not to mention, in times of prolonged sunlight, having this extra level of control can also help avoid discolouration to your furniture and decoration.

Which Blinds Work Best at Keeping Rooms Cool?

Venetian blinds are a perfect choice as they allow you to keep out the heat whilst giving you high levels of control over the light levels. The slats also allow for a cool breeze to get in if the window behind is open.

If you struggle to sleep with any light in the room, blackout blinds may be a more suitable option as not only does this block out the heat but all light too. Despite the name, blackout blinds aren’t just available in black but rather a range of different colours and patterns. Bright colours such as white can also work well at reflecting the sun and heat back out of the room.

Keeping Cosy in Winter with Blinds

Not only can blind help keep your room cool, they’re also incredibly effective at keeping the heat trapped in your home in the colder months. 

In order to make the most out of your blinds, you should leave them open during the day to allow any heat from the sun to warm your home but once the sun sets and the temperature drops, you should shut your blinds as they provide a layer of insulation for your windows. Not only does this trap the warm air inside your home, it also stops cool draughts from creeping in.

By adding an extra layer of insulation, you should notice a difference in your heating bills, benefiting from lower costs.

Which Blinds Work Best at Keeping Rooms Warm?

Roman blinds are ideal for insulating your windows as they’re typically made from thicker fabrics which keep the warmth trapped inside.

Why not check out our full range of fantastic blinds at Aspiration Blinds or book a free appointment with our team today.

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