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Creating Shade in Sun-Filled Rooms

Whilst many of us love the idea of having our homes filled with natural sunlight, in reality, it can sometimes be a bit of an inconvenience. For example, there’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to watch TV but all you can see is a glare from the sun or when you’re trying to enjoy a lie in in the morning but can’t sleep due to the bright light flooding into your bedroom. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you create shade in sun-filled rooms.


Blinds are a great way to introduce shade into your home, giving you large amounts of control over the light levels in each room. They can also help to keep out the heat from the sun’s rays in the summer as well as trapping in the warm air in the colder months, making them perfect all year round.

At Aspiration Blinds, you can choose from a range of different styles, materials and light control levels. For example, if you require total darkness in some rooms, such as in the bedroom or home office, you may wish to opt for blackout blinds, which are made from an opaque fabric that completely blocks out any light from shining through. These are available in a number of different styles, such as Roman and roller.

If you prefer to have more options for the different levels of lighting in a room then you may prefer styles such as vertical blinds, which can be tiled to filter different amounts of light in or shut it out completely.

Many people often think that blinds aren’t suitable for rooms which frequently experience high levels of moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom, however, our waterproof blinds are specially designed using water-resistance material, allowing you greater control over the levels of lighting in those parts of your home without risking mould or staining.


Another way to create shade in sun filled rooms is through the use of shutters as they offer the ultimate light control whilst also reducing heat loss from the home. Other benefits include:

  • Ultimate Privacy
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Low Maintenance

At Aspiration Blinds, all of our shutters are manufactured to the highest possible quality, with six coats of paint/stain containing UV inhibitors, engineered styles to prevent twisting and warping, and a 3 year warranty. They are also available in an array of different colour options from painted white to natural stained, so why not browse our range?


Outdoor rooms are a beautiful and versatile way to open up your home and bring the outdoors in, however, sometimes the hot summer rays are too much, especially for little ones playing outside. Fortunately awnings offer shade from the sun and also reduce the effects of other outdoor conditions such as the wind and rain whilst keeping your home looking stylish. With over 200 different UV stable fabrics to choose from, Aspiration Blinds is sure to have the perfect shade for your outdoor room 

At Aspiration Blinds, we offer a free no obligation design consultation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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