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How Blinds & Curtains May Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

Window blinds and curtains are primarily used for light control and privacy within the home, however, did you know that they also have the ability to reduce the cost of energy bills through greater temperature control?

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how curtains and blinds reduce energy bills and how much you could save!

How Do Homes Lose Heat?

To start, it’s important that you understand how homes lose heat. Why is it that during the colder months, some homes must keep their homes running all day in order to stay warm?

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which heat can escape from our homes, such as through small gaps in doors, windows, walls and the roof.

In fact, around 18% of the total heat within a house is lost through the windows and 60% of heat lost through single glazed windows is through radiated heat passing through the glass. 

Not only can warm air escape, cold air can also enter through strong draughts entering the gaps. This is where window blinds come in.

How Do Blinds Keep the Cold Out and the Heat In?

When blinds are made to measure and fitted professionally in your windows, they can insulate your home by trapping the layer or air between the blinds and the window. This creates a seal, preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from getting in.

How Do Blinds Reduce Energy Bills?

By insulating your home with window blinds, you won’t need to keep your central heating on for as long or as often, reducing your energy consumption and keeping your heating costs down.

Similarly if you have a full HVAC system, you won’t need to use your air conditioning as often in the hot summer months as blinds can also keep the sun’s heat out of your home by blocking its rays to provide shade and trapping the cool air in the room.

In fact, the Department of Energy says that smart management of window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 77% in the summer.

Best Types of Blinds That Help Keep Rooms Warm

There are a range of different types and styles of blinds available on the market, however, some are better than others at maintaining temperatures and preventing heat loss in your home.

The best types of blinds for keeping out the cold are ones made from thicker fabric that fully cover the window when closed, such as Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds.

However, if you’re looking for blinds that allow you the ultimate levels of temperature control, light control and privacy, you should consider blinds that can be adjusted in a range of different ways, such as Vision Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Venetian Blinds.

At Aspiration Blinds in Bolton, we offer a wide range of different styles of made-to-measure blinds, available in a number of colours and fabrics. 

Browse our gallery online today or give us a call for a free consultation with one of our design experts. 

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