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Using Outdoor Shelters for Schools

Children can benefit greatly from learning and playing outdoors, boosting both their physical and mental health whilst exploring the outside world. Unfortunately, many schools don’t utilise their outdoor spaces as much as they should due to the unpredictability of British weather. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits outside learning has to offer for children and how you can create an outdoor classroom for use all year round.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Boosts Academic Performance, Behaviour and Motivation

A study conducted by Ofsted in 12 primary schools, 10 secondary schools, one special school, one pupil referral unit and three colleges across England found that learning outside the classroom had an incredibly positive impact on the students and their achievements.

Activities outside the classroom were proven to lead to improved outcomes for pupils and students, including better achievement, standards, motivation, personal development and behaviour. The study also found examples of positive effects of learning outside the classroom on pupils who were usually hard to motivate.

Improves Mental Health

According to Twinkle, studies have found a link between participation in outdoor activities and significant improvements in mental, psychological and emotional wellbeing in children. 

When children spend a long period of time sitting still in a classroom, they become restless and inattentive. By changing the location to the outdoors where there is fresh air, plenty of natural light and a change in surroundings can help them to relax and take a break from their usual routine, increasing their attention span.

By taking part in different types of activities to those done indoors, children can learn new skills and gain confidence in challenges and team building exercises, boosting their self-esteem.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) found that children raised with exposure to green space are as much as 55% less likely to develop mental health problems such as substance abuse, stress-related illnesses and eating disorders, making outdoor education absolutely essential during the current mental health crisis in the UK.

Spending more time outside exposes children to more sunlight than usual, increasing their intake of Vitamin D which helps to release serotonin, a hormone that produces feelings of happiness, optimism and safety. A lack of Vitamin D has been linked to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, so making sure children get enough sunshine is essential in maintaining their mental wellbeing.

Helps to Build Relationships

Outdoor learning opens up more opportunities for group activities and team building skills which can improve children’s emotional, intellectual and behavioural development whilst creating new relationships and friendships within the class.

Outdoor Classrooms and Shelters

Despite all of these fantastic benefits for children, too many schools are missing out on the opportunities for outdoor learning due to the unpredictability of the British weather. Fortunately, Aspiration Blinds has the solution with outdoor classrooms and shelters

Outdoor classrooms are a fantastic way to extend the existing learning space and provide the opportunity for hands-on learning all year round. Our high quality awnings, canopies and glass verandas can provide flexible solar shading on those hot summer days, or a strong weather proof system that extends the use of the outdoor area well into the winter months. 

Bespoke Design with Aspiration Blinds

Our experienced team of designers can help you choose the best solution to maximise the space outside your school. One of our experts can come and deliver a free design consultation at a time to suit you. The whole product range is designed and finished to the highest standards and our team can advise on all aspects of the installation including aluminium frames, glass roofs, lighting and many other considerations.

They will talk you through the available options and craft a tailored plan that works best for the school, including things like which colours and materials will work best with your building, for example. Aspiration Blinds are committed to making sure you get the perfect installation to provide an attractive and practical outdoor learning space that both children and teachers will love
Get in touch with a member of our team today to book a free consultation. Call us on 01204 875895 or send us an email at for more details. Why not check out our other helpful blogs and guides for more information and advice?

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