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Using Outdoor Rooms to Open Up Your Home

Outdoor rooms are a beautiful and versatile way to open up your home and bring the outdoors in. Our bespoke external glass systems in combination with verandas or awnings are designed to give you the opportunity to use your garden all year round at an affordable price.

Outdoor rooms are similar to extensions except they require much less work. They also rarely require planning permission as they don’t have foundations, making the process of setting them up significantly less complicated and time consuming.

Unfortunately, many people feel they don’t spend enough time in their gardens due to the unpredictability of the British weather, however, with outdoor glass rooms, you can enjoy the outdoor experience whilst being protected from the harsher weather conditions thanks to the strong glass and canopy or veranda. This means you can stay sheltered from the rain and also enjoy the sun.

Outdoor rooms can have a number of purposes. Here are some of our favourite outdoor room ideas.

Covered Bar Area

As pubs and bars have been shut over the coronavirus lockdown, many people took the opportunity to transform parts of their gardens into at-home outdoor bars. Even as lockdown eases and pubs start to reopen, having an outdoor bar with weather proofing offers a number of benefits, such as a great place to host parties and have a drink with friends no matter the weather.

There is also the added benefit of it being a lot more affordable in the long run as hosting an event is much cheaper at home than booking a venue, drinks cost significantly less than they would at a real bar and last orders are whenever you want. Make every hour happy hour with an at-home outdoor bar!

Outdoor Dining Area

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is by creating an alfresco dining area. Perfect for having a barbecue in all weathers and enjoying outdoor meals with all your family and friends, an outdoor dining area offers a number of benefits. 

Multiple studies have shown that spending time outdoors lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, decreases stress hormones, and eases muscle tension. In addition, being outdoors increases your exposure to vitamin D which helps to keep your bones strong and healthy as well as increasing your levels of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, helping to avoid depression.

Similarly, natural light is much more healthy than artificial light which has been linked to higher chances of obesity and type two diabetes. Thus, eating outdoors is incredibly beneficial to both mental and physical health.

Outdoor Office

According to the World Green Building Council , workers feel more engaged when they work in natural light and according to research by Future Workplace, workers in daylight office environments reported a 51% drop in eyestrain, a 63% drop in headaches and a 56% reduction in drowsiness. This is why an outdoor room can act as a perfect study zone or home office. 

Research from Forbes found the following scientifically backed reasons why working outside if good for you:

Increased Happiness

A large number of studies have shown that our moods take a positive shift when we spend time outside. There has also been evidence that shows spending time with nature can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety as well as minimising symptoms of those with existing mental health issues.

More Energetic

Multiple studies have found that being in nature makes people feel more ‘alive’. Leading author and professor at the University of Rochester, Richard Ryan, said:

“Nature is fuel for the soul, often when we feel depleted, we reach for a cup of coffee but research suggests a better way to get energised is to connect with nature”

Improved Memory

Studies found that spending time in nature helps to improve memory functions with short-term memory benefitting most in particular as well as improving attention span.

Stress Relief

Spending time outside is proven to lower stress levels and has a similar effect on the brain as meditation. 

Play Area for Children

By creating a sheltered outdoor play area, your children can enjoy the benefits of playing outdoors in all weather conditions. It also allows you to keep a close eye on your children whilst they play outside.

Other benefits of playing outdoors for children are:

1. Better sleep for babies at night

Research has found that babies and children sleep better at night when they have had fresh air and sunshine during the day.

2. Outdoor play helps children to learn

Going outdoors to play is a fantastic sensory experience for babies and toddlers. With so much for them to see and explore, the outdoors is a very stimulating and multi-sensory place to play. This is an important part of helping babies and toddlers to develop as they learn and gain experiences through their senses.

3.Developing Motor Skills

The outdoors is a great space for children to crawl, toddle and, as they get older, run and jump around, allowing them to use their entire bodies to develop their gross motor skills. This helps to develop their fine motor skills.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Being outside can help your child to burn off energy and encourages a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. When this energy is burnt, it helps them to sleep and eat more easily, creating long lasting healthy habits.

Outdoor rooms are a fantastic opportunity to experience more of nature and the great outdoors all year round thanks to our high quality external glass systems with verandas and canopies that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

At Aspiration Blinds, we offer a free no obligation design consultation to explain what is possible for outdoor room design. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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