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The Best Options for Blinds in a Bathroom

When it comes to choosing the perfect blinds for your bathroom, finding the right balance between style and practicality is key. You’ll require blinds that not only look great but are durable and long lasting too. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to take careful consideration when purchasing blinds for rooms with more humidity, such as the bathroom, and their once stunning window dressings become mouldy, faded and easily stained. 

The solution? Waterproof blinds.  

With such frequent high levels of moisture in the bathroom due to regular showers, sinks and toilet flushing, waterproof blinds are the perfect solution. 

Not only do they protect against mildew and staining, they also improve hygiene compared with regular blinds as they can be wiped clean easily and don’t absorb germs and bacteria.

What are Waterproof Blinds?

Waterproof blinds are blinds made from a water-resistant material and available in a range of different styles and colours that won’t warp or fade when they come into contact with water and frequent humidity. 

Another advantage of waterproof blinds is their resistance to mould. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, where there is frequent water and steam in the air. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of your blinds as they remain attractive and mould free for much longer than regular blinds would.

Similarly, waterproof blinds are able to withstand direct sunlight much better, helping to maintain their colour for much longer as they won’t discolour or fade over time.

Waterproof blinds are also much easier to clean than regular blinds as they can be wiped clean quickly and don’t absorb liquids and oils like regular blinds do. This is because they are made from impermeable materials and prevent liquids from penetrating and causing discolouration. 

What are the Best Waterproof Blind Styles for Bathrooms?

Waterproof blinds are available in a number of different colours and styles, however, if you’re looking for a blind style that is incredibly easy to clean, Roller Blinds are likely the best option.

These can be wiped down easily with a wet cloth and will dry out relatively quickly when rolled down.

However, if you’re after a style of waterproof blind that offers you much more control over lighting and privacy, vertical blinds may be a better choice as these can be angled to give you the ultimate control.

These are slightly more tricky to clean than roller blinds, as you have to wipe down each slat individually, however, they are generally easy to maintain.

Blinds You Should Avoid for Bathrooms

Roman Blinds aren’t an ideal choice for bathrooms as they are typically made from thick fabric which is more prone to developing mould and mildew in areas with frequent moisture.

However, if you have a guest bathroom or ensuite in your home which is well ventilated and rarely used exposed to lots of steam, Roman blinds can be used.

Waterproof Bathroom Blinds in Bolton

At Aspiration Blinds, we understand the importance of blinds in your bathrooms, providing you with high levels of control over light, temperature and privacy.

This is why we have a wide range of blinds available in different styles, colours and materials to suit every room in your home, including those which are susceptible to high levels of moisture. 

Having made-to-measure waterproof blinds will give your home a bespoke look, great functionality and ensure your blinds look incredible, no matter how changeable the temperature and humidity is.

Let Aspiration Blinds in Bolton take care of the measure and installation to ensure the perfect finish. Book a consultation now or get in touch to discuss our services further.

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