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How to Make the Most of Your Conservatory this Summer

A conservatory can be a fantastic addition to your home, offering increased living space, providing more natural light and adding value onto your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves neglecting their conservatory, especially during the summer months when they can become unbearably hot due to the large amount of glazing.

If you find yourself avoiding your conservatory during the warmer months, keep reading to find out some of our top tips on how to make the most of your conservatory this summer.

Make it More Comfortable

One of the main issues homeowners experience with conservatories is discomfort they feel as the weather warms up. 

Due to such large amounts of glass in most conservatories, it can be difficult to regulate the temperature, feeling either much too cold during winter or unbearably hot during summer.

Roof and Window Blinds or Shutters

One of the best ways to combat this is to install new blinds. Blinds can help to reduce the amount of sunlight being let in through the glass ceiling and windows as well as insulating them on colder days. Blinds made of dim out or blackout materials work particularly well to block out the heat and cold, though these can cause your conservatory to become quite dark.

If having a dark conservatory is a concern, you can easily avoid this by choosing other styles such as roller blinds or Roman blinds which allow you to control the amount of light in the room.

Alternatively, window shutters can also be used to combat excessive heat, heat loss whilst having full control over the amount of light being let in. Made to measure plantation shutters can be fitted where other window furnishings fail and are thermally dynamic to provide a barrier against the cold in winter and heat in the summer.

A great addition to any property, shutters are comprised of separate panels with shutter louvres that can be individually controlled to allow your desired amount of light

At Aspiration Blinds, we offer a wide range of shutters which are manufactured to the highest possible quality, with six coats of paint/stain containing UV inhibitors, engineered styles to prevent twisting and warping, and a 3 year warranty. Our shutters are available in an array of different colour options from painted white to natural stained, so why not browse our range or get in touch to see our full range! 

Not to mention, both blinds and shutters act as an attractive feature to any room, so why not take a look today.

Choose the Right Furniture

To keep your conservatory cool, avoid filling it with large and bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space as the more room there is for the air to flow, the cooler the air will be.

Lightweight and breathable furniture is ideal for conservatories. Bamboo or ratten garden furniture work perfectly to keep the room cool as they tend to take up a lot less space and also have holes for the air to pass through. To make them feel cosier during winter, you can use thick throws, blankets and cushions that also allow you to change the style of the room.

On the other hands, leather (or faux leather) sofas aren’t the best option for conservatories as they tend to heat up very quickly during summer and can also feel very cold during winter.

Give Your Conservatory a Purpose

If you find you simply don’t have a use for your conservatory but still feel as if it’s being wasted just sitting there, why not convert it into a room that has purpose. Some examples of these are listed below:

Children’s Playroom

If your child or children’s bedrooms are upstairs, you may feel uneasy about leaving them alone upstairs to play or there may be limited space for larger toys. By transforming the conservatory into a playroom, you can keep an eye on your children to make sure they are playing safely whilst also giving them a great space to keep their larger toys.

Chillout Zone for Teens

For older children, you could turn the conservatory into a relaxed chillout zone, creating a space for your teenagers to spend time instead of being holed away inside their bedrooms. It also prevents any arguments between adults and teens about what to watch on TV, giving you peace in the living room and them some freedom in the conservatory. This space could include bean bags, game consoles, a large TV, neon lights and whatever decor your teenagers choose. Conservatories also make great places for small house parties or gatherings, keeping guests contained in one room as opposed to wandering about the house.

Games Room

Similar to a chillout zone, your conservatory could be a dedicated games room. If your family loves to host games nights, this room is perfect for you. With a large table for card and board games, games consoles, a large TV and a pool table, your conservatory can be the games room your friends envy.

Home Office

According to the World Green Building Council , workers feel more engaged when they work in natural light and according to research by Future Workplace, workers in daylight office environments reported a 51% drop in eyestrain, a 63% drop in headaches and a 56% reduction in drowsiness. 

This is why a conservatory can act as a perfect study zone or home office. The natural light through the window can boost productivity and focus, allowing you to do your best work. 

One thing to consider is glare and reflection on computer or laptop screens which can make them difficult to see and can cause eye strain. In fact, this is so important that as part of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, workplaces that use display screens must ensure they are turned away from glare or bright reflections. This can be done by either turning them away from windows or by installing blinds.

At Aspiration Blinds, our professional adviser can help you to choose the right type of blinds for your study area, that will prevent glare on your screens whilst also allowing some natural light into the room.

Dining Room

If your home doesn’t have a dining room, you can easily transform your conservatory into a light and airy space to dine. An extendable table is ideal for larger conservatory spaces, whereas those with smaller conservatories may opt for foldaway tables and chairs to maximise space.

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