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Child Safe Blinds Explained

At Aspiration Blinds, we recognise the importance of ensuring all of our blinds are child safe and conform to European safety legislation, giving you that extra peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home safe for children.

Unfortunately, according to RoSPA, 2 children a year die as a result of strangulation from looped cords on blinds and many other children visiting A&E with near misses. Most accidental deaths involving blind cords occur in children aged between 16 and 36 months when the blinds cord becomes tangled around their neck. 

This is why legislation was changed to ensure new blinds with looped cords have child safety devices installed at the point of manufacture or sold with the blind. In 2014, a law was passed to make sure that blinds must either have no accessible cords (so no strangulation risk) or be supplied with child safety devices which must be fitted as per the manufacturer’s instructions, either by the customer or by an installer .

Warning notices must also be supplied with the product and at the point of sale to ensure that customers are aware of the potential child safety hazards.

What are the Different Types of Child Safe Devices?

Breakaway Connectors 

Breakaway chain connectors can be fitted to the cord of a blind. With this type of safety device, if more pressure than is necessary to operate the blind is put on the cord, the connector will break apart, unlooping the cord. Once disconnected, it’s easy to reconnect it by clicking it back onto the cord. 

Cord Stops 

A cord stop is often found on Venetian blinds. Similar to the breakaway connector, when too much unnecessary pressure is applied to the blind cord, the cord stop prevents the cord from pulling through the headrail. 

Blind Cleat 

A blind cleat can be used to tidy away the cord for a blind, helping to keep it out of reach for children that may otherwise be able to reach it. The cleat is attached higher up the wall, out of reach for children, and the cord can then be wrapped around it in a figure of eight. 


Like blind cleats, a chain tensioner is a safety device that is attached to the wall, keeping the cord taut. This means excess cord doesn’t dangle down and reduces the risk of children playing with them and becoming entangled. 

Cord Free Blinds

Many blinds, including our Perfect Fit, can be operated with a simple tab or wand instead of a cord, eliminating the risk of strangulation altogether. 

What About Older Blinds?

Many blinds installed in 2014 may not have any of the aforementioned safety features, meaning millions of households could potentially be at risk. If your blinds currently do not feature any child safe devices, it is important to have these affordable solutions fitted.

What Other Safety Precautions Can I Take?

Make sure to position furniture such as cots, beds, chairs and tables a safe distance away from blinds and windows to prevent children from being able to climb up and reach them. It’s also incredibly important that blind cords aren’t left loose and dangling within reach of children or gathered on the floor.  

Child Safe Blinds at Aspiration

At Aspiration Blinds, we recognise that child safety is an important issue for anyone who is furnishing their home. That’s why we offer child safe versions of our blinds or child safety devices which help minimise the potential risk.

This means you can still have the luxury of stylish blinds or shutters with the peace of mind that your child is safe.

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