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What Are Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are becoming more and more popular all across the UK. They are a bold statement highly sought after by interior designers and people looking to add a touch of style and elegance to their home whilst also increasing the value of their property.
These types of shutters are a low maintenance, stylish window and door covering, offering an alternative to traditional blinds or curtains. They also provide many added benefits that their more traditional rivals don’t such as increased privacy, security and insulation. Plantation shutters were once exclusively found in places with warmer climates, mainly in America, such as California, Florida, the Mediterranean and Australia. However, they are now making a big move into the interior designs of many UK homes. Plantation shutters can be made from either real wood or PVC and come in a range of styles and colours to suit any home.
Louvered or Solid?
There are two types of Plantation shutters – slatted, known as louvered, or solid. The shutters are fitted as part of the window so that they block out more light but also integrate themselves into the rest of your home seamlessly. The slatted shutters have louvers similar to those of traditional blinds, which can be tilted to opened and closed. Solid shutters can be made of solid panels that completely block the light coming from the window, offering increase privacy and security.
The benefits of plantation shutters
Plantation shutters offer a longevity, which traditional blinds cannot. They are made from superior materials and are easy to maintain and clean. Your options are varied when it comes to plantation shutters. You can choose to have the whole of the window or door covered, or even opt for a partial covering. Plantation shutters can be tiered or made to be full height. Tiered shutters give you the option of opening just sections of the shutter to allow in light while maintaining privacy.
The louvers on slatted plantation shutters are operated by a rod which allows you to open them as much or as little as you want. Even though the shutters cover the window or door they still have the ability to allow in plenty of light giving your home a sense of spaciousness while giving you the sense of total privacy.
Plantation shutters can be made to fit any shaped door or window, including round, angled or arched windows. They are a true statement of elegance and style adding extras security and value to any home.

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